We are grateful for support from the following organisations

US Army Research Office

The Army Research Office, founded in 1951 and based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., has more than 100 scientists, engineers and support staff, who manage the Army’s extramural research program. 

PacSci EMC

PacSci EMC components can be found in hundreds of critical systems used for commercial aerospace, military, space, oil and gas, and law enforcement. There is a common thread to these solutions – using energetic materials to safely command a specific action at the precise moment it’s needed. 


Resodyn Acoustic Mixers has become the mixer technology of choice in the energetics industry.  There are more than 50 units in eight countries installed for developing and manufacturing both advanced and conventional energetics.  Resodyn's mixers for hazardous materials includes a family of batch mixers ranging in payload capability of 1 kg to 420 kg, and most recently includes a continuous mixer for energetics that is being delivered to a U.S. government facility. 

Day & Zimmermann 

Day & Zimmermann has been a US Department of Defense partner for near 120 years. Our contributions include: conventional munitions production, missile warhead production, Load Assemble and Pack (LAP), Storage and demilitarization of conventional munitions, maintenance and operation of government-owned facilities, designing and building munitions facilities, and resource, recovery & recycling (R3) of munitions during demilitarization, as well as research and development for new products, systems and warfighter capabilities.