Organiser: FCIT2 Ltd

Jim Fleming, MSc, C Eng, operating as FCIT2 Ltd, is the organiser & Vice-Chairman of the 12th & 13th meetings.

More than five years of international consultancy experience plus a total of 35 years at Space Research Corporation, BAE SYSTEMS, Roxel (an MBDA/Safran J.V.) & the UK Ministry of Defence. 

In 1988 organised the first ISICP meeting (topic: Base Bleed propulsion); the Chairman then was Prof K Kuo who founded the symposium series.

In addition to 1-ISICP,  numerous other international events have been organised over the last 30 years, including virtual workshops.

Consultancy, in particular for energetic materials, covering literature search/reviews, New Product Development, Supply Chain & Project management. Includes provision of consultancy support to Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) organisations for market research studies/analysis. 



A Chilean based "Energy Transition and Energetic Materials" consultancy led by Dr Rodrigo Caro.  


The objectives of the 7th International Symposium on Energetic Materials and their Applications (ISEM2021) include both fundamental research and industrial applications relevant to energetic materials.

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