The Symposium has three major objectives:

  • Promotion of communication between researchers, designers, engineers, graduate students and manufacturers regarding state-of-the-art approaches in the field of energetic materials, including propellants (solid, liquid, hybrid, ramjets, gel), explosives, initiators/igniters, and their ingredients with applications for propulsion, demolition, mining and power generation 
  • Discussions of new and improved safety techniques associated with energetic material synthesis, manufacture, deployment, disposal; and 
  • To recommend future directions for research in the above areas

Why present ?

  • ISICP is recognised for the quality of its papers, plus many attendees are leaders in their field 
  • Selected papers, following peer review, will subsequently be published in the International Journal of Energetic Materials & Chemical Propulsion (IJEMCP).
  • Presenting a paper gives access to IJEMCP's archive for three months (after almost all 12-ISICP papers are published in the journal). Note that a one year lease to the archive is $1000 (with one year's subscription a further $1609), whilst otherwise pdf’s of ad hoc papers are~$80 each
  • The registration fee for 12-ISICP is less than price to publish in most Open Access journals
  • Prizes: There will be five, up to $1,000 each, for best paper & best presenter for both regular participants & students

Why attend?

  • Overall technical scope & focus of the conference/scientific reputation (eleven previous well attended specialist meetings, over > 30 years)
  • Invited speakers, covering a range of topical subjects
  • It will be a fully interactive symposium, not just a Zoom meeting. Thanks to the support from PacSci EMC, the events will be produced & streamed by ProOneMedia who are experienced in international virtual events.
  • Although time zones complicate such a virtual event, the symposium includes the following.....
  1. Three Panel sessions 
  2. Technical papers to be available to participants the day before the presentation
  3. Questions able to be sent in before the presentations but with live answers & further live questions
  4. Scheduling of author’s live presentations during their “local daytime” (as far as is practical)
  5. An Event App to provide agenda updates, facilitate networking & to view papers, etc, from the symposium